BiteFight Updates: Big Updates of Ver 0.4:

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Game Title: BiteFight
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Horror
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Points
Fee: Optional Premium Account
Official Site: Click here

Not long ago BiteFight had come to it's Ver 0.4. Here's a short overview over the changes implemented with the big update:

* New items
1. additional armor and helmets
2. there will be shields, boots and gloves
3. there will be new items like rings and amulets
rings will be available from level 11
boots will be available from level 15
shields will be available from level 20
gloves will be available from level 23

You're inventory storage has increased by one slot per upgrade level.

* New noob protection:
from now on you can attack enemies with +-15% of your own level (a level 100 can attack enemies from level 85 to 115). The minimum is +-9 levels though.

* New handling of inactive players.
Accounts that have been inactive for 100 days can be deleted with a successful attack. The attacker gets a totem which causes a random skill increase.

* Clan war
Once the declaration of war has been made the war starts 8 hours later.

1 hour before the fight starts all the participating clan members gather around. From this time on they can't start any other actions.

If the declaration of war is cancelled less than 1 hour before the start of the war the master loses 5% total prey.
Declarations of war can only be made every 5 days.

Declaring a war to clan of the same race requires the consent of that clan for the war to take place.
The clan the war is being declared to has the option to let the war start maximally an hour before the planned start of war.
Once the war has started clan members can take their position in the fight order.
They fight the essence of the opponent during the war.

What is the essence?

The essence consists of the opponent's level + his stamina (including items, rituals etc.)

Damage you cause in the clan war consists of the strength (including all bonusses) divided through 10. This is the new maximum damage. The actual damage you cause will be between 2 and this maximum damage per hit. If your essence is depleted you lose the fight. Health points are not affected at all.

Each member of the winning clan that took part in the fight gets some gold which is calculated from the total amount of gold that all participating fighters would earn in one hour of cemetary work and the amount of survivors of the winning clan. The losing clan gets nothing.
All fighters get experience points depending on the fights.

* Clan rituals
Clan rituals affect all clan members and can improve skills. By summoning a master of ceremony the desired ritual is done. The price for the summoning is paid from the clan treasury. A summoning takes 10 minutes and until those 10 minutes are over all the requirements for that ritual have to be met. The master of ceremony can only be summoned every 2 hours.

* Changes of the message menu

* Extended highscore
Highscore has been extended by one category: the clan war highscore.

If you attack a player via the highscore list you get to his profile. There you now have an "attack" button so you can attack players now directly from their profile.

* Better enemy search and hunting statistics

* New things in the clan overview/management

* Notification about ending of treasure chest, book and guard(Premium features)

* Display of skills / new menu: fight modifications
On the char page which only you are able to see total amounts are now displayed. If you hover the cursor on a skill it shows the skilling and items.

There's a new small overview called fight modifications:

Your current bonusses for hit and evasion chance are displayed there so that you can calculate your chances.

* Shorten quests by using hellstones

* Backwards running timer on the character overview page when the live energy is going back to 100%

* New battle script
Like in the old fighting script it's calculated how often you hit your opponent. (at least once) The amount of double hits you score through items is added to that. Your opponent can decrease your hits with hit block items. If the opponent blocks more hits you actually could do, you still hit once.

Now that we know the amount of hits we have to check if they actually hit the opponent. Hit chance is similar to evasion chance. The calculated value is added or subtracted to the modificators again. This way you can improve your hit chance.

The weapon damage also is a factor added to the calculated damage you'd make with your skills. This increases the possible amount of damage you can inflict. This value is the basis for calculating the actual damage.

Changes regarding the double hit:
If you have more than one hit and this actually hits the opponent all the following hits in that phase of the fight will hit.
Every following double hit only inflicts 50% of the damage the previous double hit made.

* New help menu

* New email change function

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