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Because Ballersunited is still in beta, the game updates frequently. In the latest update, they added some new features to the game. Check below:

Player can get injured during a game. The lower the overall fitness the higher the chance for an injury. Besides that the game fitness influences the chance for injuries. Player that got injured during the game will be replaced and won't come back into the game.

If a team leads by a lot of points the startinf five will play less to reduce the amount of fitness they use for the game. They will just come in if the benchplayers are worn out or score get's worse and you have to use your starting five to stay on top.

In the last minutes of the 4th quarter if the score is tight and single shots might make the winner the starters will come to play even if their fitness level is too low. If the starting 5 are on the bench they will come into play also ignoring your set fitness rule.

Note for the rule 'Subsitute at fitness below':
Some did notice that players that have a gamefitness below your set value still play. The reason why it is like this is that you team just can replace them in certain situations in the play. When the ball is "dead" which means the game time did stop you can replace players on the field, else you can't. So it can take quite some time before the player can get out, just because the ball isn't dead. During this time he still has to play and loose some fitness.

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