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Game Title: Chosen Space
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Space
Period: Future
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy In Game Advantages
Official Site: Click here

Chosen Space is a Free Browser based Space Trading & Combat MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Created by Torin Solo the designer of Galactic Fleets With Player feedback helping the Game grow and evolve 100% Free with no in game Advertising.

With the Galactic War still raging a fleet of refugees set out to find a new home amongst the stars. Their destination unknown they left their war torn galaxy to cross the vast distances of space. In time they reached a new galaxy, their Chosen Space...

Chosen Space screenshot

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  • Open Gameplay: Play however you want to play
  • Explore: 30+ Systems & 5,000,000+ Grids of Space
  • Role-Playing: Wars, Vendettas, Allegiances, Trading Partners
  • Government: Run for President or become an Emperor
  • Clans: Fleets, Alliances, Guilds, Federations & Secret Orders. Bounties: Hunt using Informants and following Ion Trails
  • Starships: 100+ Starships from Mining Ships & Freighters to Capital Ships
  • Ship Yards: Design and Build your own Starships to suit your playing style.
  • Upgrades: 50+ System and Weapons upgrades to customize your Ship.
  • Community: Join discussions in the Forum or chat in game through IRC. .


Unlike many browser based games Chosen Space doesn't restart evey month so there is no end and no set way to win. Each Player must choose their own goal(s) and sometimes these will change over time. Some want to become feared warlords, respected diplomats, infamous pirates, rich traders, skilled miners... It's up to you.


The Game takes place in one Galaxy which is divided into 36 Systems. Sixteen of the Systems have a Sun and Planets so are called Solar Systems. When a System does not have a Sun it is just empty space and is called an Expanse. Each System is divided into 400 Sectors and each Sector is divided into 400 Grids.

Chosen Space screenshot

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Each Player has a Homeworld in a Solar System and that sets which Tribe they are in. If for example a Player has the Planet Primus in the Solian System as their Homeworld they are from the Solian Tribe. Your Tribe is changed if you decide to select a new Homeworld from a different System but this process takes 20 days.


Most actions in the Game like Moving, Mining, Attacking etc need Turns. You start with 1,440 Turns and they will increase at a rate of 1 Turn per minute until they reach 1,500 which is the most you can have at any time. Turns give the Game an even playing field as everyone gets 1,440 Turns a day so someone with loads of free time doesnt automatically become the best, most powerful, richest player.


Credits are the currency of the Game and are used for buying and selling Cargo, Ships, Outposts etc. You start the Game with $1,000,000 Credits.

Chosen Space screenshot

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Points are required for buying Ships and Outpost in the Game. You start with 100 Points and will get 4 Points an hour for a total of 96 a day. Points can also be gained from the Voting page where you can help the Game by voting for it on several rating sites and get over 100 Point per day. Some of the voting sites require confirmation of the vote so make sure your vote has been confirmed, dont just click the link and then close it. Points can also be bought from the Points page using Credits. The number of Points you can buy there per day is limited and can be increased by voting. You can also buy Points in private deals with other Players where the amount is not limited but you risk getting scammed.


A Faction is a group of Players that generally work for a single goal. It's best to join a Faction as it brings several benefits. You get help and advice from your fellow members, you can get loans or even donations from your Faction to improve your ship and being in a Faction offers some protection against Pirates. To join a Faction some ranking member must send you an Invite and you have to accept it. If you're looking for a Faction just pop into the Galactic Comms or the Chat Room and ask. At certain periods of the day you will be flooded with Invites almost instantly as Factions are always looking for new members. To see what Faction a Player is in click their name and if they have a Faction it will be listed.

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