Xtratic War: Which Side Will You Choose:

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Game Title: Xtratic War(Version 4)
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Future
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Buy In Game Advantages
Official Site: Click here

It's 2012, a world filled with terror, devastated by years of war. Three cut throat factions have emerged, who's side will you choose?

Xtratic War is what we like to call a MMORTS, a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy. In Xtratic War you are a member of one of three factions, each faction has a different type of bonus designed to tailor to the specific play style of each individual. The main objective in Xtratic War is to build the largest army and essentially accumulate the most net worth.

Do you have what it takes to dominate the world of Xtratic War? If you think you do, good luck, and beware. Once your inside, you can taste the fear.


Rounds are currently 10 days in length, at the end of a round every player belongings are reseted and medals are awarded to the players with the most net worth, population, wins, money and also to the best platoon. Real cash Prizes are also given to the players with the most net worth at the end of the round.

Xtratic War screenshot
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The Armory

The armory is the place to go when you need to purchase equipment. In Xtratic War, each item purchased through the armory requires one troop or unit to use it. Without troops the items are useless. Each piece of equipment can only be carried by a given type of troop.


One of the best ways to gain a little extra cash, damage an enemy and gain experience is to attack other players. When attacking other players your offensive score takes on the defending players defense score (according to specializations and special bonuses). If your offensive score is higher than the defending players defensive score, you will win the attack. Each player can only be attacked 50 times (normal attacks) by another player in any 12 hour period.

Experience: For each attack won, you gain roughly 5,000 experience, your experience is used to increase your army level. Each army level requires a certain amount of experience to advance to the next level.

Damaging Items: When attacking another player, you slowly damage their items, thus lowering their net worth and pushing them further down in the rankings. The larger the battle the more items will be destroyed.

Retaliation: A feature implemented to help you get back at the players who have attacked you and won in the last 12 hours. When you are attacked by another player and they defeat you, you will be able to attack them back with a special type of attack called retaliation three times for every time they defeated you in the last 12 hours. Each retaliation attack you perform will also not spark retaliation against you, and when retaliating, an additional 30% will be added to your offensive score.


Deposit limit: Your deposit limit is upgradeable through the upgrades page, it starts out at $0 but it can be significantly upgraded.

Transaction Limit: Your transaction limit depends on which type of account you currently have. VIP subscribers can have as much as 4x the transaction limits in one day as a non-subscribing member. Your transaction limits also expire on a rolling timer. As each of your previous transactions reaches the 24 hour old mark, you'll be able to do another transaction.

Interest: Every tick (10 minutes) you gain interest on your money, the current calculation is (rate * balance / 144). Your interest rate is determined by your account type. Subscribers have a higher interest rate than non-subscribing players.

Xtratic War screenshot
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