Reign of Blood - Vampire Game: Free Online Vampire Roleplaying

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Reign of Blood

Reign Of Blood - Vampire Game is a free online Vampire Roleplaying Game. The player takes the role of a Vampire. To survive, he must train and fight others in order to survive, and become the most powerful and the richest vampire.

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The Story

"You awaken in front of a city unaware of your surroundings. Climbing to your feet you notice a sign, "This way to Dead City" it reads in a eerie way. You know something is different about you. You know this is not a world you are familiar with. Though as you try to grasp the situation you realize you have no past memory of what has happen, leaving you with no choice but to venture forth to the ominous Dead City.

Enter a world like none you have experienced before. A world recovering from a great war, a world once ruled by many but now dragged into a state of anarchy. Discover the dark past of Dead City, live through the pressing times of the present and create the future of all Kindred. You may not know your own past, you may not know much about the world of vampires but destiny is calling, leaving you with no choice but to answer to its call.

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Train at the gym or search the sewers for great items and treasures, go down into the underground for great quests to help you along the way. Buy weapons and armour to increase your chance of winning in battle. There will always be something for you to do. Or kill..

The Battle arena is where you go to do all of your killing so you may rank up. There are a few diffrent ways to search through players. When you find a player you want to attack then simply click the [Attack] button or go to their profile then click the attack link.

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If you need a guide... Reign of Blood Guide: The Basics

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