Skaph: Reach Out! Adventure Awaits You:

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Game Title: Skaph
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Official Site: Click here

SKAPH is a free-to-play browser game, wherein you have to build a base, research and defeat enemies. You do not have to download or install anything at all in order to start playing. As soon as you have registered an account, you can start playing from anywhere and for as long as you like.

Beautiful graphics, breathtaking cinematics and quality on the highest level await you.

Take command! Fight large-scale battles! Conquer new territoy and put your tactical skills to the test. Reach out, adventure awaits you!

Skaph screenshot
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Construct realistically looking bases and give your fancy full scope while customizing them.

Pick from a variety of buildings and arrange them in any way you like inside your base.

Found new bases and keep on expanding your territory.
Exciting visuals

Breathtaking designs, consistenly attractive and vibrant, will accompany you throughout the game.

Enter the fray aboard gigantic Skaphs and defeat your enemies.

Discover new technologies and explore your environment, there is always something new to discover.
  Sensational cinematics

Our cinematics approach motion-picture quality and create a unique atmosphere right from the beginning.

Exciting, compelling, award-winning, this is!

Buildings, tiles and bases

How can I demolish a building or remove debris?
The demolition of buildings has to be researched and will be available later in the game.

How can i place new tiles?
The placing of new tiles has to be researched and will be available later in the game.

How can i build a new base?
The construction of new bases will be available in the form of a mission later in the game, and is bound to the points acquired up to that point.

Units and groups

What happens when a returning group doesn't completely fit into the hangar?

The remaining units will be positioned outside the base. They remain there as if they had received the mission order "Hold position". In the end this means, that they'll consume oil and will get destroyed when all the oil is used up. The units left behind will get to keep all of the group's oil.

Skaph screenshot
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How can i obtain Uranium, and what is this type of resource good for?

Uranium is an extremely valuable resource. It opens up new tactical possibilites such as nuclear assaults or stronger units (all depending on the research done). This resource cannot be mined and can only be obtained through our premium service. Uranium can be transported or looted like any other resource.

Combat and points

Angle of attack, raiding, defense turrets, nuclear assaults...


Aliens and their behaviour, what is worth knowing about this topic?

Aliens apparently come flooding in endless numbers out of nowhere. They take position near other bases, and begin terrorizing those. They spy out their targets prior to the first attack (small groups with just one unit), later on bigger attacks follow in shorter intervals. The aliens are also quite vengeful and retaliate attacks with counterattacks. Sometimes they also fight each other.

Skaph screenshot
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