Aurora Blade: The Closed Beta Is Approaching

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Aurora Blade

Aurora Blade is a Browser-Based MMORPG, its Closed Beta will be available for all players at 00:15am on December 5th EST (GMT-5).  Below is the introduction of the brand new browser-based online game.


Aurora Blade is a cool, new role-playing Browser-Based MMORPG. It does not require any download or installation. Simply open the link in a new browser window, and type your IGG account and password in to start. The main aim of this new game is to build a healthy internet game-playing environment for gamers. With every click of the mouse, you can be changed into different characters or hang out in "Barlow Valley" with your friends.

With a backdrop of Western sorcery and knightly combat, Aurora Blade offers players a fantastic game world in which players act as warriors and fight with monsters and other evil forces with only the strength of their swords and the strength of their will. They fight to protect their land and maintain their way of life. Aurora Blade features all the best characteristics and advantages of PC games, MMORPGs and browser based games in one slick package.

Apart from 4 distinct classes, Aurora Blade still has abundant content including monster killing to level, a diverse community of players to chat and play with, various equipment, skills and items, forging and refining functions, PK functions, team combat, guild activities, instances and other amazing content. Players will find a lot of excitement and fun in Aurora Blade Online.

If you are not a social person and feel incredibly awkward when making friends with strangers, you can still have a good time in game and win Good Fellow Cards after completing quests. Or just play alone and show off your proficient skills in 1 VS 1, where its easy to win quality gear. Only a very small amount of branch line quests are marked as TEAM quests, which means they must be completed in party. So, even if you do not join any teams, you can still have a lot of fun in game. Your characters can even level up by themselves in case you are AFK for awhile. When you are occupied with something else, log into the game and watch how much your characters can progress by themselves!

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Classes and 216 Spells

There are four classes in game with each class having 30 base spells. After level 40, each class can then evolve into a choice of 3 sub-classes. All of the senior sub-classes have 24 high-ranking spells at their disposal, in total there are 216 spells between the four classes. All of the data regard to the spells is figured out according to accurate calculations and repeated tests, to ensure the almost perfect class balance of the game. It is our belief that it is not the class that is strong but players. And this point of view has been proven time and time again through various player-versus-player combats.

Abundant Professions

Mining, forging, sewing and other spells have been added to increase the fun in the game. By learning craft spells, players can not only create various armor and weapons but also decorate them by carving any characters and designs onto them. In this way players can really personalize their equipment.

Equipment Improvement and non-bound Equipment

Most equipable items in game are not bound; which means that they can be freely traded.

There are 2 spells available to improve equipable items; Refining and Enchanting. The items that have been Refining can be further improved by Enchanting. Through Enchanting, players can raise the attributes of an item. There are 69 different kinds of green quality Magical Stones; which are classified into three ranks. In addition, players can also create better Magical Stones and activate their potential through enhancing. Aurora Blade has designed a highly customizable equipment system for players.

There is a guide:: Aurora Blade Guide: Newbie Guide

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