Time Zero: Can You Survive After Nuclear War?

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Time Zero

TimeZero made in post nuclear style. It's a free multiplayer role-playing browser-game developed on Flash technology.The game is made in classical isometric 3-D. The engine, written in flash, allows constant developments and upgrades to the game world that consider the players' interests. An exciting battle system, a wide variety of weapons and armor, many game professions, all kinds of quests and secret missions became popular with over 100 thousand people that preferred this game to all others.


TimeZero is a world that survived a terrible catastrophe. Nuclear war scourged fertile and lush lands and nearly wiped out the civilization, as we know it. High levels of radiation produced numerous mutations and created monsters more terrifying than your worst nightmare. Time Zero is the beginning of a new epoch. Now is not the age of meek and ailing, only the most resolute and unwavering men and women can survive the deadly confrontation with the hostile world.

Every person that knows how to handle a weapon must make a choice right now - many will fight against the mutants, yet others that did not take away anything from last war will fight against their own kind. Money, water, ammunition and equipment, there are plenty of reasons to attack another human being. As an answer to the violent nature of the modern world, scientists created a protective dome that surrounds the newfound city and shields it from radiation and monster's attacks. The settlement as named New Moscow.
Here and now the new history of the world begins...


There are many interesting aspects in TimeZero. Here are some of them:


Weapons of the world of TimeZero are very diverse and plentiful, most however, can be categorized into following main subgroups - handguns, rifles, heavy, thrown, melee and energy weapons. Some weapons are from the pre-war times, others were invented after the war using latest technology available. Military industry is never stagnant and people continuously develop and perfect ever more deadly weapons to survive in the new, hostile world.

PDA(Personal Digital Assistant)

The PDA is a multifunctional device, which no resident of TimeZero world can do without. The PDA has several built-in functions (notepad, contacts, news) and additional modules can also be inserted (by simply putting them in your backpack).

  • Notepad – for jogging down any notes you don't want to forget.
  • Contacts - a contact list of people that also shows who is online at the time.
  • News – important events from clan sites and newspapers.
  • Clan mates – a contact list of all your clan mates, that also shows who is online at the time.
  • Games – entertainment modules for passing spare time.
  • Modules – equipment that provides additional functions of the PDA.

Here is Time Zero Guide: Getting Started

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