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Game Title: Lands and Lords
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Age: Medieval
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here

Lands and Lords is a complex, turn-based medieval stategy online game (MMOG). In the beginning, you rule over a small country, which you can expand to a mighty imperium by the arts of diplomacy, war, science and trade. Compete with many other players in this free browsergame, expand your territory, conquer your enemies or subjugate them as vassals, be victorious and become a hero of legend.


  • 90.000 hexagonal fields map with continents, seas, and islands
  • 21 different buildings with 10 stages of expansion
  • tech tree with 6 lines of research with 10 innovations, each
  • complex battle script with boundless tactical possibilities
  • animated naval battles
  • spies, doing mischief to your enemies
  • heroes, that can be levelled up and who order your armies
  • Each round winner will be bestowed with a hero
  • Diplomacy with liege lords and vassals
  • fairness of players will be rated using an "honor system"
  • Top-10 of the previous rounds are immortalized in the halls of honor
  • in-game java chat

Lands and Lords screenshot
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A small guide for new players

The starting site

The first steps after registering are mentioned under "Creation of an account". At the beginning of the game every player is supplied with a starting site consisting of a number of fields and buildings.

This includes:

Starting Fields 1. a Castle

2. a Quarry (98% stone)

3. a Coal mine (80% coal)

4. an Ore mine (60% ore)

5. a Stone mason

6. an Iron smelter

7. an Armoury

8. a Sawmill

9. a Bakery

10. a Mill

11. a Woodcutter's hut

12. three Grain fields (100% fertility)

To facilitate starting up for players registering later in the game (or re-starters), the buildings' extension levels increase according to the game progression. Castles remain at level I, all other building levels increase by one each 50 ticks. Furthermore each passed turn, the starting amount of gold is increased for new players; similarly, the number of people on the starting fields is increased by 0.2 % for each tick. The size of the starting army increases for new players in later turns as well.

First conquers

In addition to the starting site players are supplied with a starting army, which is based in the castle at the beginning of the game. For a quick start it is advisable to split this army into 2 or 3 smaller armies and to move those armies for conquest across neutral fields that are only protected by small militias. When a player orders an army to move, the army will do so at the next tick. The army will enter the respective field, fight the present militia and (hopefully) conquer the field.But players have to be aware that even small militias should not be underestimated, especially as the armies become more exhausted!

After the first conquest players should examine the exhaustion of their armies.

It is important to keep the exhaustion level within a reasonable range and to send overly exhausted armies back to the castle (increased reduction of exhaustion) to rest. Exhausted armies have a greatly reduced combat value and they stop moving when the exhaustion level exceeds a value of 50.

It may be a good idea to let armies rest in the castle for some time and to further reduce their exhaustion level by merging the armies with newly trained armies. However, players should take care not to lose their experienced generals during the merging process.

Players may also use their starting ressources to train more armies. Army training can only take place in castles; the training can be started through the menu option "Train Army". Players should carefully consider whether to train just enough units to finish training with the next tick or rather go for a higher number of troops over the course of multiple ticks. The former achieves a higher number of units trained over the course of multiple ticks compared to the latter option. However, players then have to remember to start a new training for every tick.

It is tempting to only train archers because of the low costs for this unit type. But an army should not consist of archers to more than 20 %. This limit allows the archers to fully support the army, but does not reduce the overall quality of the troup too much. After an army has been fully trained, an icon for the army is displayed in your castle on the map. Additionally you receive a message under "Events".

Lands and Lords screenshot
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Strengthening the economy

Once players expand their realm by conquering new fields, the population of the realm is increased to the new people coming from those fields. And this new population needs to be feeded. So players should always take care to upgrade their grain fields, mills, and bakeries to higher levels to increase the food production. For the beginning we highly recommend to conquere unused plains, to allow for the seeding of new grain fields. For that, the fertility of the plains should be taken into account. Depending ion the number of your plains, it pays off to construct grain fields on plains with fertilities of 80 % or higher.

The running expenses are covered with your starting site at the beginning of the game. These fields will produce a little bit more fiood than needed by your population (each person in your realm requires 0.9 units of bread per tick). In addition, new players receive some extra starting ressources; the amount of these ressources depend on the turn number the player enters the game. These ressources form the basis of all constructions and upgrades and need to be produced by various specialized field types. Gold is acquired mainly from the realm's population.

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