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Game Title: Dark Orbit
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Sci-Fi
Age: Future
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Option premium account/Buy in game advantage
Official Site: Click here

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Dark Orbit is a browser based game that's very addictive and easy to pick up on once you get going. The game has your usual RPG elements like crafting, PvP and PvE, which is actually impressive considering the game is browser based. Start off by selecting one of the three factions; The Mars Mining Operation, Earth Union and the Venus Protection Corporation. The three factions are constantly at war and players can openly attack members of the opposing factions in an open PvP environment. Although the game allows you to attack members of your own faction to pillage their cargo, it's recommended that you work with the people on your side to fight the other two factions. The game looks a lot like Star Port Galactic Empires, but unlike Starport, Dark Orbit actually has a community.

As soon as you enter the game world, you'll find yourself in your faction's space station with a good chunk of change. The first thing I recommend doing is to use some of your starting money to purchase a new ship, as the starting one is terrible. After purchasing your new ship, I recommend you spent the rest of your starting money on ammunition and extra armor. With your newly purchased equipment new players should be able to hold their own against other players in the beginner zones against both NPCs and players.

The game's controls operate in your standard point and click fashion. One positive aspect of the game is the simple autopilot system. Instead of constantly clicking to get from one place to another, players can simply select a spot on their maps, and your avatar will make his way to the place you selected. I'm surprised that traditional MMORPGs haven't adopted a similar system, as it can get annoying to move character from one corner of the map to the other.

The controls in Dark Orbit are fairly simple. In order to attack an enemy ship or alien, simply left click them. In PvP it's recommended that you learn to strafe and try dodging your opponent, as unlike NPCs players will try to anticipate your moves. Upon destroying an enemy ship you'll gain XP and the enemy ship will drop minerals/supplies for you to loot, so the game actually rewards PvP. One drawback to Dark Orbit is the game's cash shop. The cash shop can severely imbalance the game, and in a game that has an open PvP environment, imbalanced items can ruin the game for other players. Another complaint against Dark Orbit is the game's lack of creative music. The music feels too generic and is repetitive. Although Dark Orbit has its faults, the game is still incredibly fun and definitely worth checking out.

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