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Crimson Moon

Here is the quick start guide which will help start your bloody way in this Vampire/Werewolf Online Text Based Game - Crismon Moon! Crismon Moon offers many options including fighting, clan, tournaments, explorable areas, contests, quests and much much more. Play on 3 unique servers. It's FREE!

Quick Start Guide

By DanSetFire at the official site

When you first start Crimson Moon, you’ll see an array of confusing links, it scares everyone at first. Calm down, keep a cool head and breathe deeply. I’ll call the two columns at the right and left of the website the control panel. Here you can do all sorts of funky things and you should get to know each and every link on it.

You start off with very little but that doesn’t mean there aren’t freebies out there. Look at the right hand side of the control panel and at the very bottom there’s a link which says ‘vote for all’. If you click on this it will open 19 websites, each of which give you a small amount of resources for voting. One of the most useful additions to this is that you get three free energy and you can vote every day!

You should now bank all your energy at this point. On the left hand side of the page there’s a section called ‘Navigation’. At the very bottom there’s a link called ‘The Blood Bank’. Click on this and deposit your energy. Your energy regenerates at a rate of 1/6th of the maximum per hour. You can view your current energy at the top left as well as the amount you have banked. If your energy reaches the maximum then any excess you gain will be wasted. This is why banking your energy is essential as it effectively keeps it for when you need it. You get 4 x (your max energy) every day so logging on four times to bank every six hours will ensure that you don’t waste a bit. VIPs’ don’t need to worry about this as it banks automatically.

Now you have money and energy, but you’re not yet ready to do the best part of the game, apart from socializing, which is fighting! You’ll need to sort out you’re stats and get some equipment first. Find the Navigation menu, and click on Your Stats. Then locate the link next to AP saying ‘use’. You start with 3 ap and you can use these points to boost either your strength, agility, max energy, max health or plasma. Strength determines how much damage you do. The exact equation for damage is this:

Damage = (Strength + Weapon Damage) - Enemies Defence

Agility is you’re chance to hit the target, the amount of hits and the chance that you dodge you’re enemies attacks. We’ve already come across max energy, the more you have, the more fights you can take part in (keeping in mind that each fight uses 1 energy). If you need extra credits you can always spend energy in the graveyard working but I don’t advice this. Plasma is used mainly in the battle arena to activate offensive skills. Vampires and Werewolves start with two different special skills, whereas Hybrids have weaker versions of all four. You can experiment with them as you please however my personal advice for new players is to use Lunar Defence as a low level as the defence bonus will help you greatly. As you become stronger and fight stronger opponents I would then switch to the Cloak of Invisibility. If you are a vampire it means that the enemy has a 50% chance to miss you; hybrids getting a reduced rate of 33%. This helps a lot in surviving a fight. You can also set a plasma skill as an offline skill to use against anyone who attacks you until it runs out. Plasma skills cost 5 plasma to use, each and should be used sparingly. Plasma also regenerates to its max every 24 hours.

View the profiles of your friends and enemies before making your next move.
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