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Game Title: Lords of War and Money
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Age: Fantasy
Time Units: Turns
Fee:Buy Ingame Advantages
Official Site: Click here

Lords of War and Money is an non-commercial project, it is a free online service from gamers, for gamers. It fascinated with HMM-style world of fantasy and adventure, the game has now grown. People from all over the planet become part of a breathtaking and intriguing world of ancient creatures and heroes.

In course of developing your character, you can participate in single, multiplayer, and soon enough even clan fights. For strategy & economy fans, there is a vast economic model available. Be it a short pause between fight or a complete dedication to the merchant's career, you will be able to quarry and machine dozens of resources types, produce and trade hundreds of artifacts.

Game features

-The game is absolutely free, it runs right in your Internet browser, no need to buy, download or install anything
-Tactical duels and group combats of up to 6 players on one battlefield
-Cleansing territories from neutral monsters controlled by Improved AI
-Large variety of dynamic combat-oriented quests
-RPG-system of hero development
-Castle construction
-An economic model of resource mining and artifact production
-Over 100 different artifacts and about 1000 diverse combinations of their modification
-Over 100 fantasy creatures with their unique abilities
-Possibility to play with 7 different factions, with an option to switch between them nearly anytime
-Auctions and trading artifacts, resources and even exotic wares like skeletons
-Multiple professions and varied development paths
-The "Two Towers" (Arcomage) card game matches against other players
-Forum, chat, inset private mail to provide a comfortable communication means


Character is your main action hero in the game. It is he or she who performs commercial operations and completes quests; his or her characteristics influence the number and quality of your troops.

Factions: The world of Heroes of W&M is populated by a great number of races and creatures. Heroes of every faction have their unique features and control certain creatures. That is why, it is very important for the player to choose the most appropriate faction when beginning to play. Note that the character’s faction can be changed nearly anytime in your castle.

Skills and abilities: The main parameter of a character is his or her combat level. Initially, it is equal to 1 and increases every time the necessary amount of experience is gained. Experience is received by taking part in combats.

Guilds: There are several communities in the Empire, known as Guilds. The guilds' purpose is to diversify gaming process of the characters and to enhance the efficiency of their actions.

Artifacts: All the game items are divided by slots: head, neck, back, chest, hands, feet, fingers. Your character needs weapons to participate in combats, clothes and armor increase combat defense, accessories improve certain parameters of the hero.

Real Estate

Besides the combat component, "Heroes of War and Money" game has a ramified economic model.Mining and machining the resources, manufacturing goods and trading them bring diversity into the game world, allow the players to influence it. Economics and battles are two related game elements that complement each other. Raw materials are used to raise castle constructions, to recruit high level creatures and, naturally, to produce goods.

Combat Conduction

The purpose of a combat is to destroy all creatures in the opposing army; after that their hero is considered defeated. After settling the troops, you get involved into a combat with your opponent which flows by certain rules. The combat ends with a victorious and a defeated side, there can be no draw. Both sides get skilled in leading their faction's troops, but only the winner gets combat experience.

The combat arena consists of the battle field and some control panels. In the lower middle part of the screen there is an initiative panel (the so called ATB bar or scale, on the left the turn timer is displayed. Combat log window is positioned under the ATB bar. It holds description of the main events on the battle field, as well as messages sent by players during the combat. During combat, you will receive control upon your troops in the order seen at the initiative bar, from left to right.

Card game

Each player has a tower and a wall. The wall takes damage if the card does not target the tower directly. The wall serves only for protection, hence is not that valuable.

There are three kinds of resources in game: ore, mana and troops. You will need them to play cards. In game there are cards of three colors: red, blue and green. Each card costs only one type of resource, according to its color. The cost is specified in the bottom right corner.

Red cards require ore. They usually raise the wall level.
Blue cards require mana. They usually serve to build up the tower.
Green cards require troops. They are usually used to deal damage to the opponent.
Players gain as many resources of each type per turn, as the corresponding source level is.
Mine - gives ore in quantity equal to its level each turn.
Monastery - gives mana in quantity equal to its level each turn.
Barracks - give troops in quantity equal to their level each turn.
Each card does what is written on it.

There are 3 ways to win:
1) Demolish enemy tower (down to level 0);
2) Build up your tower to the level specified in the victory conditions;
3) Gather the specified amount of each resource type.

See more detail at http://www.lordswm.com.

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