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Warstorm is a browser-based, short form game that combines elements of collectible card games (CCG) and massively multi-player online games (MMO). Warstorm simplifies the complex deck building required by typical collectible card games by introducing an innovative squad concept.

In the warstorm, you are a warlord leading a mighty army! Assemble squads of heroes, soldiers, and dangerous beasts, then send those squads into battle against other armies. Your units will fight through your opponent's defenses and destroy the army's morale -- but the opponent's army will be seeking to do the same to you.

Warstorm offers players the ability to collect cards and use those cards to form battle decks. As early as level one you can choose to match wits and armies with other players or against non player characters. As you win battles or unlock achievements, you will gain levels which will give you access to more cards in order to field more armies.

However, victory is not just assured by the sheer number of forces alone. You must choose your forces carefully -- your victory depends on exploiting your opponents' weaknesses and getting strong cards into play as quickly as possible. The more players you defeat, the higher your ranking in the ladder system. Work hard, and you will dominate everyone in the storm.


As you play "Warstorm," the game automatically tracks your victories according to a variety of criteria. When you win enough games in a certain category, you get an achievement in that category. Each win can count in several different categories at once.

Achievements are displayed on your avatar page and your challenge page, where they can strike fear into the hearts of all who dare to face you in battle. You also get a reward. Bronze badges are rewarded with basic packs, silver badges with core packs, and silver and platinum badges come with special cards!

You can only earn each achievement once. Once you've hit 1550 on the beginner ladder, for instance, you can't get another Bronze Badge of the Corporal, even if your rating drops to 1525 and climbs back to 1550. Once you get to the intermediate ladder, though, you become eligible for the Silver Badge of the Corporal, whether you've won the Bronze badge or not.

The Battle Viewer

The Battle Viewer is the "table" for the Warstorm card game. Your opponent's cards are played at the top of the screen. Your cards are played at the bottom of the screen.

The red bars on the left side show the current Morale points for you and your opponent. You are defeated when you have zero Morale points.

The dial in the center left of the screen shows how many turns have been played in the game. The pointer shows whether it is your turn or your opponent's turn.

The Reserves are represented by the "Duels: Warstorm" card backs on the left side of the screen. Your Reserve is made up of the squad cards you chose to play for the battle. It is shuffled into a random order at the beginning of the game. Each player draws one card from his or her deck at the beginning of his or her turn.

The Card Hand is the bar to the right of the Reserve. When a player draws a card, that card is placed in the Card Hand until it can enter play. The number in the bottom left corner of each card is a counter representing the number of turns (both yours and your opponent's) remaining until the card enters play.

The Battle Area is the large area at the center of the screen. When a card enters play, it is placed on that player's side of the Battle Area. Units are always arranged in order of play, with the unit that has been in play longest on the left.

The Graveyards are the boxes marked with a skull. Cards are placed in the Graveyard when they have been used up or destroyed. Each player puts his or her cards in his or her own Graveyard.

Warstorm Cards

Each game card represents a part of your army. Most game cards are different kinds of warriors and creatures, but they can also be useful objects or spells. At the beginning of each battle, the squads of game cards that you have chosen are shuffled into a deck and used to play the game.

Each game card shows the following information:

Card Types

There are four types of cards:

1. Heroes lead your squad. The symbols in the upper right corner of the hero's card determine how many units, artifacts and spells can be in the squad.
2. Units make up the majority of your squad. There are seven subtypes of units:
- Apparitions -- ghostly figures that are difficult to put to rest.
- Archers -- their withering fire poses the greatest threat to infantry.
- Barriers -- these walls and traps do not attack, but can still threaten those who attack them.
- Beasts -- fearsome creatures that can be whipped into a battle frenzy.
- Cavalry -- mounted warriors who trample over archers.
- Infantry -- the most common units, with a wide variety of abilities.
- Siege -- lumbering vehicles carrying destructive payloads.
3. Artifacts provide special abilities to units. Each artifact is attached to a unit when it comes into play.
4. Spells trigger a special ability effect when they come into play, and are then discarded to the Graveyard.

Special Abilities

Many units have special abilities. These abilities allow units to deal extra damage to other units, heal themselves or their allies, an even return from the grave!

A unit uses its special ability once per turn, either as part of its regular action or in response to an opponent's action. A unit can use all its special abilities and attack in the same turn.

Spells and artifacts can also have special abilities. An artifact confers its special ability on the unit it is attached to. A spell triggers its special ability, and is then placed in its player's Graveyard.

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