Universal War: What makes Universal War special
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    Summary: Universal War is a science fiction, browser based game where the player becomes the commander of a planet. He has to develop laboratories, research technologies (from which some only exist in our minds and in the science fiction books), construct mighty fleets and battle.
    Game Title: Universal War
    Genre: Strategy
    Graphics: Text With Graphics
    Status: Beta
    Theme: Space
    Age: Fantasy
    Time Units: Points
    Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
    Official Site: Click here

    Universal War is a science fiction, browser based game where the player becomes the commander of a planet. He has to develop laboratories, research technologies (from which some only exist in our minds and in the science fiction books), construct mighty fleets and battle.

    However, if this would be all about the game it would not have more fun than a 2D pc game. What makes Universal War special, and in general browser games is the community. You don’t play against robots, but against/with humans. You can make friends from all around the world. You can play with them in the same system (the system in Universal War is your “family”) or in the same alliance. They can help you but every decision is yours alone.

    You might have the power to be the best of all of them. Who knows? You can even become the next Emperors of the Universe!


    Welcome to Universal War, Commander, a time and a universe where reality, visions and dreams come together to aid you in your missions, a world where you can become the leading force of a galaxy (sector) or even the universe. A Science Fiction Universe that you may have never dreamed of now stands before you.

    Entering Universal War will grant you with a planet and the leading position. You will have to develop your own infrastructure, advance in technological fields, build and lead your ships in battles. You will have to decide when to be ruthless and when compassionate, when to be friendly or hostile and whether to make a friend or an enemy. You can ask your system comrades for help and they might answer, but every decision you make will be yours and yours alone. Every decision you make will influence your planet, your people, your future.

    Universal War – a web game

    As you already know, Universal War is a Science Fiction game. It is also a browser based game, text based which uses ticks to run. You are probably confused by these terms, so we will try to make a short description.

    What are ticks?

    Same as a cycle, the smallest unit of time recognized by a device. For personal computers, clock ticks generally refer to the main system clock, which runs at 66 MHz. This means that there are 66 million clock ticks (or cycles) per second. Since modern CPUs run much faster (up to 3 GHz), the CPU can execute several instructions in a single clock tick.

    In Universal War, Time (construction decrease time, fleet movement time etc.) is measured in ticks. In the long game a tick will be 30 minutes or 1 hour, while in the speed game it will be between 1 and 5 minutes.

    The Universal Date will appear on the main page, under “Current tick”. This is the time your Servants, your Warriors and the other Commanders use. In our Universe, Time runs faster than in your reality. What you know as a tick is a full day here (in the Universal Date). 24 ticks = 1 month (in Universal Date). 168 ticks = 1 year.

    Planet Overview

    In Universal War you are given a planet to rule. You have to give orders and lead your people to greatness by developing your economy, technology and military. You must establish relations with other planets, mainly with planets in your own planetary system. This section covers information about game objectives, your place in the Universe, the resources you will need and the way you can perform different actions in the game.

    Game Objectives

    The main objective is to Have Fun! Secondly, you will enjoy making friends from other countries and cultures, all over the globe.

    The third (only third!) objective is to win the game. The Planet and System with the highest score in the Universe wins the game. You get score from ships, defensive units, scans and probes. Your score accumulates with the score of all the other Commanders in your System and builds up the System Score.


    Our parents taught us that nothing in the world is for free. This applies to Universal War too. If you want to become a powerful force you must develop technologies, build laboratories, construct ships and defensive units and so on. To do this, you must have resources. There are three available resources: Mercury, Cobalt and Cesium. We leave to you the pleasure to discover how to use them, but advise you to take good care of your economy. Different probe types give resources of a certain type (e.g. Mercury probes give 450 Mercury units; the same applies for Cobalt and Cesium).

    Ships, OPS, Scans

    You use ships in hostile or friendly missions. There are 13 types of different ships, grouped in 6 classes. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. As you learn how to play you will decide which Ships are best for your fleets. Information on how you can construct ships can be found at the bottom of Ships page, in the Council of Elders Advice.

    OPS means Orbital Protection System. The defensive units are similar to ships, except that you can not move them from your planet and they are designed only for protection. Knowing more about your friends / allies and opponents is vital to your success as a leader. Scans can give you all kinds of information on targeted Planets, sometimes even deep secrets which lie in their Vaults.

    Have you ever stared at the stars in a silent night dreaming of a world different than yours? Have you ever imagined a planet on which others do the same? If your answer is yes
    to any of these questions then you can Click here to play.

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