1100AD Guide:Start with the Basic

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1100 AD

by skarrak

It is some basic info about the 1100AD which will help beginner familiar with the game.Read it and start the happy "travel".

1. Hire a Hero

Heroes are located in the castle. You are given four choices, each with different skills.Each skill has four stages to it. Every time your hero increases a level, he gains 1 point.None (0 points), novice (1 point), expert (2 points), master (3 points)

Leadership –Soldiers have more health Logistics –Your army gains faster movement between cities Pathfinding –Your army travels faster within cities Scouting -Increases Hero's sight range, at max it goes to range 4 Knowledge -Increases hero experience per kill Defender -Increases Army defense Archery -Archers, Rangers and Marksmen become stronger Fighter -Foot soldiers get stronger Cavalry -Cavalry become stronger Ballistics -Siege weapons do more damage.

a. Olive Leaf - The current level of the Hero.

b. Crossing Weapons - The Hero's attack power.

c. Shield - Hero's life.

2. Start gathering Resources

Resources are income which you spend to build your town and improve your army.By improving your resource buildings you will be able to extract more resources per hour.

3. Improve City Population

Farms supply population for upgrading buildings or creating troops.Create a farm by clicking on an empty square of land and choosing the farm building. Alternatively, you may select an already existing farm and on the overview tab, click the upgrade button to increase your total population (Represented by two golden heads on the resource bar).

4. Train first Troops

Troops are made in the Barracks or Stables (if you do not have one, click an open field and order one. You must have the necessary resources.)It is your choice to either train troops now or to continue constructing buildings.The bigger the army, the better!

5. Resist the Attacks of Marauders

Marauders are computerized enemies,you may see these marauders in the Tactical Page Map labeled as red flags.Select the army you have and simply click the enemy you wish to destroy.

a. In the top right hand corner, you should see the name of your army followed by a walking animation and their time of arrival. b. In the event of a battle, it will be represented by two swords crossing each other. c. Seconds later the page should reload with the results on the bottom of the page. d. If you see no red flag, you have beaten the enemy likewise with your green flag.

6. Setup Coat-of-Arms

This is the insignia of you and your city.To setup your coat-of-arms, highlight your Settings tab, then click Profile.This displays your current information, click on the “Change” button on the left-side Avatar.On the bottom of the menu, you’ll find various coat of arms (CoA) to chose from. Select the one that best suites you.To customize your own CoA, you must have at least 750 Gold Coins (refer to Gold Coins for more info). If you have Gold Coins then you may return to the Profile page, and select "Generate Personal CoA".

7. City - Tactics

Another view of your city, the tactical page shows your army along with ally and enemy troops.

* Your hero and armies is labeled as a green flag.

* Allies are labeled as blue flags.

* Enemies are labeled as red flags.

Each corner of the map has entry points called "Gates". This is where anyone may enter or leave your city. The circles covering each part of the map are waypoints that any army can travel to simply by selecting your army and clicking on a circle. The movement of any army will take time. The time required to move from Point A to Point B is shown in the upper right corner.

Fixed Squad: The purpose is to keep a specific army separate from others. Selecting the box will ensure your army does not mix with another one of your armies.

Formation: Set on default, you can configure your armies formation by re-ordering how your army will be setup. You may choose what type of soldiers to put into the front lines where they are the most likely to be killed. This allows some interesting strategic choices.

Aggression: Low (Not to attack anyone within view), Range (Attack within view but does not pursuit), High (Attack when in view/range and pursuit).

Attack Range: Melee (Attack within circle) - Adaptive (Attack within the army’s range or circle) - Ranged (Attack when in ranged sight of army).

8. Order Armies to leave the city

Before selecting your command (Aid or Attack) you must select which Army you are sending off. Then input the name of the Army and set their Aggression, Attack Range , Battle formation (You may select a previously saved formation or simply make a newer formation).

Input the coordinates of a city you wish to send your troops to.Set the pace of your Army to reach destination (Normal sends them at a moderate speed or you have the option of paying three gold to whip your troops into a frenzy and speed their arrival time).And select Aid or Attack (Aid to relieve the selected city)

Unemployed troops (found on the top right hand corner of your browser, displays your soldiers who are not in any campaign).

9. Map - valley(World Map)

The map shows your city as well as other players around the world. Pointing your cursor over a city will display the player's name followed by their coordinates, city name and current points.

The profile shows you their relations with other players, owned cities, rating and reputation. From this view you can also selectively choose who you want as your ally, enemy etc... Unflagged cities are automatically considered neutral. That means they have no alliance or aggression toward you.

On the right side of the profile, it gives you five options.

a. Send Campaign (Aid or Attack)

b. Private Message (PM)

c. Offer Allyd.

d.Declare Ware.

e. Non-Aggression-Pact (NAP)

The arrows around the valley map allows you to scroll through the valley. On the bottom of the map, it gives you the Valley # and the X and Y coordinates. By inputting these coordinates, it’s possible to find a specific player.

10.Politics -Vassals

Vassals are players that pay taxes to a stronger player in return for their protection.You do not want to be a vassal; you should only become somebody’s vassal if you are in deep trouble.To be able to have other players as your vassals you must construct a level 1 Obelisk of Glory and fill it with resources.

11.Settings – Settings

The map scrolling speed is how many boxes you wish to scroll each time you click the arrow on the valley map.

The update frequency is how often you wish the game to show any changes that have happened. You should lower or raise the update bar depending on your internet speed.

Selecting “Warriors as Transport” allows your soldiers to carry goods to fulfill your trading wishes. This allows you to make trades when your city has no carts available. Unfortunately, your warriors will be gone for as long as the trade takes.

The army control lag is how much time passes before you the computer ignores your previous order. If for example, the lag is set for 20 seconds, your army aggression is high and enemy troops are spotted. If you order your troops to retreat, they will follow your command for 20 seconds. Then the computer will take over and make decisions based on your army settings. In this case it is aggressive, so your troops would charge toward the enemy.

Graphical combat logs are merely the regular combat logs but with pictures of the troops in addition to their name.

To the right there are various options you can change such as army formation, subscribing for bonus features, placing your account in vacation mode and so on.



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