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Magerealm Some Tips for New Players Date:Fri Jun 26 17:59:07 2015
Magerealm Some Tips for New Players

Creating a character in Magerealm is very simple; all you have to do is follow these steps:... Read More >>

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Magerealm Characters GuideDate:Wed Jul 01 05:39:25 2015
Magerealm Characters Guide
The gods of the past have left powerful artifacts in their absence in the form of divine Wings. These Wings provide a large stat boost when equipped on your character. There are normal wings and special... ... Read More >>

Magerealm Some Tips for New Players Date:Fri Jun 26 17:59:07 2015
Magerealm Some Tips for New Players
Creating a character in Magerealm is very simple; all you have to do is follow these steps: ... Read More >>

Magerealm Guild GuideDate:Fri Jun 26 17:55:27 2015
Magerealm Guild Guide
The Demonic invasion has sewn chaos in Magerealm, but the Mages have found strength in numbers. The Guild system in Magerealm provides a close-knit community for players, with of numerous activities to... ... Read More >>

Wartune Guide: Patch 4.0 - Part Three Date:Wed Jun 17 03:47:16 2015
Wartune Guide: Patch 4.0 - Part Three
Unlocked at level 15, players may enter this by clicking the Ancient Treasure event icon. Please note that part in this event consumes Balens. The Ancient Treasure event includes multiple stages of rewards ... Read More >>

Magerealm Hero GuideDate:Sun Jun 14 02:15:35 2015
Magerealm Hero Guide
In Magerealm you will find an assortment of Heroes of all shapes and sizes. These heroes will act as your right-hand man so pick carefully which hero best matches your class ... Read More >>

Wartune Guide: How to Get Rid of Your Surplus Sylph EXP ScrollsDate:Sun Jun 14 01:51:03 2015
Wartune Guide: How to Get Rid of Your Surplus Sylph EXP Scrolls
Face this: all your sylphs have reached maximum exp. Still you receive Sylph EXP Scrolls. You can't sell them and so they will use a spot in your inventory for nothing ... Read More >>

Magerealm FAQ (Keep Updating)Date:Wed Jun 10 20:48:49 2015
Magerealm FAQ (Keep Updating)
The combat skills in Magerealm use a no-lock system. Skills are cast at the location of your mouse cursor. Move the cursor to where you want to cast, then press the skill hotkey ... Read More >>

Wartune Guide: Titan WarDate:Wed Jun 10 03:27:50 2015
Wartune Guide: Titan War
Event Time: Once per month. The preliminaries are held on Thursday, while the final is held on Saturday. Required Level: 50+, players should be in a party when signing up to join the event ... Read More >>

Wartune Guide: Mythic SylphsDate:Fri May 29 00:42:34 2015
Wartune Guide: Mythic Sylphs
How to Obtain: Mythic Sylphs can be obtained after a second refinement ... Read More >>

Wartune Guide: Guild Beast (Braves' Battle)Date:Wed May 27 01:56:59 2015
Wartune Guide: Guild Beast (Braves' Battle)
The guild leader can summon the Guild Beast once per day. Summon attempts reset at 5:00 AM every day. Summoning the Guild Beast consumes Guild Wealth. Different Guild Beasts consume a different amount... ... Read More >>

Wartune Patch 4.0 GuideDate:Tue May 26 02:16:41 2015
Wartune Patch 4.0 Guide
In Version 4.0 players can synthesize Lvl.7-12 double attribute gems in the Blacksmith. These gems include: PATK & Crit Gems, PDEF & MDEF Gems, PDEF & HP Gems, MATK & Crit Gems, MDEF & HP Gems, and HP... ... Read More >>

Wartune Clothing GuideDate:Fri May 22 04:59:06 2015
Wartune Clothing Guide
Clothing is a unique addition to Wartune. Not only will it boost your attributes, but it will also provide your character with a distinctive new look. Standard clothing is purchasable in the Shop, along... ... Read More >>

Stormthrone In-depth Guide for PaladinDate:Fri May 08 01:47:22 2015
Stormthrone In-depth Guide for Paladin
This guide is just a guide for Paladin users or planning on making a paladin character. If you have suggestions kindly comment down below: ... Read More >>

Very Helpful Tips for StormthrneDate:Thu May 07 02:15:40 2015
Very Helpful Tips for Stormthrne
A trick if you are looking for manuals. Leave your character AFK over night, but turn off picking up equipment. You actually find manuals off of normal monsters ... Read More >>

Stormthrone Pet GuideDate:Mon May 04 22:50:15 2015
Stormthrone Pet Guide
If you still don't know how to get a pet in the game, below is the guide that may do some help to you ... Read More >>


Dragon Atlas Guide: How to Increase Your Power Quickly?

Date:Wed Jan 28 19:36:05 2015
On the first day, you can increase you Combat Power quickly by VIP Card, Dragon, Mercenaries Recruitment, Gems and Attire...Read More >>

Shifu Review

Date:Mon Jan 19 22:58:31 2015
Shifu is a free to play MMORPG immersing players into the world of ancient China. Players will venture across the land in search of hidden, powerful Kung Fu techniques to add to their répertoire of deadly moves...Read More >>

Chibi Warriors Review

Date:Mon Jan 19 02:23:44 2015
Chibi Warriors is a cute strategy browser MMO game based on the background of Three Kingdoms. Integrated with character progressions, players in Chibi warriors will be able to strengthen and enhance their character’s capacity quickly. The playing method is simple...Read More >>

Dragon Atlas Review

Date:Mon Jan 19 02:15:14 2015
Dragon Atlas by 37Games is a free to play side-scrolling adventure with a variety of unique features and depth of gameplay. The setting is the world of Ymir, a land where people are able to train dragons and often come into conflict with dragons and other worldly creatures...Read More >>

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